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and digestion which is beneficial for health teeth dental implant

and digestion which is beneficial for health teeth dental implant, prolong scarring time, increase sensitivity of gums. Causes a high risk of infection in the transplant area.Those who smoke for a long time – addicted to cigarettes, often have a density of jaw bone. Blood cells bind and grow bone cells lower than normal people. Therefore, when tooth loss, bone resorption occurs faster. And the process of reverse bone integration will be very long.For these subjects, most before dental implant need to add jaw bone.

longer and costs will be higher. While waiting for porcelain crowns you will be fitted with temporary teeth to ensure normal chewing and communication functions.5Installing porcelain teeth, completing prosthesis Completely designed porcelain teeth will be attached to your real crowns with specialized dental adhesives to ensure durability, safety, allergy or side effects. Completing the restoration trồng răng giá implant

process you already have beautiful teeth, bright white and sunny smile.Continuing the topic of answering questions about Implant teeth of the previous lesson, today we will hear the sharing of the Implant specialist on some other situations that affect the results of treatment.If indeed a patient is in the stage of treatment with radiotherapy in the head area of the neck, then implant should dentist prices

not be implanted.The cause is very specific, because radiation therapy to the head of the neck will affect the results of jaw bone graft and the success of dental implant.The effects of radiotherapy will cause manifestations such as dry mouth and mucositis, reduced new cell production, reduced blood oxygen, decreased white blood cell count and red blood cells, which increase the risk of dental implants

infection quite high, reducing the ability to accumulate bones.Therefore, for these subjects, if need dental Implant, should be done after the end of radiation therapy at least 12 months. At that time, the patient’s body was able to recover and balance the factors that could affect the transplant results.This is the recommended object not to dental Implant teeth during pregnancy.The mother’s xem phim TVB

body during pregnancy is extremely sensitive. And any effect on the mother will affect her fetus more or less.As you know, in the dental implant process, will be taken, and anesthesia should be used, and anti-inflammatory trang phục cổ trang



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